New campaign is old Saab story

In the world of aging campaign ideas, the latest spots for SAAB (an acronym for “Svenska Aeroplan Aktiebolaget”), showing the vehicle as a collapsed jet to remind consumers of the company’s aerospace roots, is a golden oldie. (Click here, then click on “Saab was born from jets,” then  click on “Watch TV Spots.”) Checking the Conran Directory of Design, two photos fly off the runway: A photo of a 1956 Cadillac 62 Sedan de Ville photographed in front of a Douglas A4 Skyhawk, expressing Harley Earl‘s aerodynamic styling, and a shot of a SAAB Lansen fighter jet chasing a SAAB 93 in 1956. The book explains: “SAAB is extremely conscious of its origins in aerospace … Advertising in the fifites stressed the relationship (as it still does today).” Since,“today”when the book was publishedwas 1985, the current Saab effort is a rehash of a rehash.

Posted by Gregory Solman