Is Nestlé behind the cow invasion?

The mystery of the impending onslaught of cows to New York City this Thursday hasn’t been solved definitively, but we’re getting closer, gosh darnit! Since our initial post here on AdFreak, a flurry of curious posters have weighed in about the cute little cows, claiming they are everything from a tourist gimmick to a Bovine United stunt to a Chick-Fil-A promotion. However, several posters allege that the subway ads are teasers for a new type of Nestlé creamer. One poster—“Maybe?”—tantalizes us with, “Maybe it’s Nestlé, and maybe it’s a new creamer they’re debuting. … Maybe a contest will be announced that asks you to look at a website on Thursday morning. Maybe at 10 am. Maybe you’ll need to race somewhere to win a contest. Maybe it’s Bryant Park. Just a bunch of maybes…. :)” Frustrated with more non-Nestlé speculation, the frustrated Mr./Ms. Maybe? later writes, “Come on, people! Ignore my ‘maybes’! I’m telling you what’s going to happen!” Alright, already! As of yet, Nestlé has not returned calls. A rep at the Metropolitan Transportation Authority claimed to not know why the cows were coming. Stay tuned.

—Posted by Lisa van der Pool