My name is Ram, and my ad is too repetitive

The old Dodge Ram is now simply called Ram. You may or may not have gleaned this fact from the spot above, in which we learn, via a little personification poem, that yes, the truck is named Ram. The ad is courtesy of The Richards Group, and the voiceover is supposedly Stan Richards. The whole thing defies your average truck-guy stereotypes in a number of ways. For instance, I was unaware that manly truck guys enjoy Walt Whitman-like free verse. (The whole thing is rather close in spirit to Levi's new "Go forth" campaign.) And then there's the still photography. I would have thought truck guys would want at least one shot of the Ram actually moving. Maybe hauling some crap? Plowing through some mud in slow motion? There are moments of great inspiration here, but the problem is the repetition. "My tank is full" is repeated a full four times. Multiply that by six commercial breaks, and tell me if you don't want to apply something directly to your forehead. And is the fullness of the tank even something you want to harp on? At 14 mpg in the city, it won't be full for long.

—Posted by Rebecca Cullers