Mr. Floatie stars in Green Party ad

Floatie_1Someday we’ll stop writing about Mr. Floatie. But not today. We were just tipped off to the existence of a political video starring everyone’s favorite 2-meter-tall anti-pollution turd mascot. It’s a campaign ad for Sonya Chandler and Philippe Lucas, two Green Party candidates running for city council in Victoria, British Columbia. The Floatster, whom we’ve written about many times, plays a chef at “Cafe Poop” who’s asked to explain why the mussels he’s served to Lucas smell so awful. (The answer is—raw sewage in the Juan de Fuca Strait.) The weird thing here is that we get to hear Floatie speak for the first time—and yes, he sounds just like Mr. HandyHanky from South Park, with a high voice and a greeting that sounds quite like “Hidey-ho!”

—Posted by Tim Nudd