Movie posters where art is advertising

HostelFloating heads, be gone. More film studios are using images of fine art, like this daguerrotype of a surgical instrument by Australian photographer Mark Kessell, to help their movie posters stand out, according to a story in Sunday’s New York Times. Kessell admits he is “prostituting” himself, but he adds, “The money has to come from somewhere.” Another artist, Bill Sienkiewicz, who is working on a poster for the horror movie Evil Aliens, says, “If there are any floating heads, it will have to be a decapitation.” There is an alternate version of the Hostel ad, which shows a murderer with a chainsaw. A Lionsgate rep tells the Times that it works better for horizontal ads. However, it’s the chainsaw guy, not the surgical clamp, that appears in a vertical ad in the Times a few pages after this story.

—Posted by Tim Nudd