More reasons to be annoyed at the airport

There’s plenty of advertising in airports, but Doubletake Marketing won’t be satisfied until flashy commercial graphics are plastered across baggage carousels nationwide. The company trumpets carousels as “a new advertising medium” (which they’re really not) that will allow clients to reach “thousands of passengers [who] gather each hour to await arrival of their luggage. … It is the only medium where travelers wait 15+ minutes for their luggage to arrive.” Do companies really want to reach haggard, sweaty, angry travelers who’ve been waiting an hour in Dallas for luggage that’s been mistakenly shipped off to Des Moines? Those folks are not going to have good associations with the product names spinning around with other people’s luggage. It could be good for law firms offering to sue carriers for emotional distress and railroads targeting fed-up vacationers seeking a gentler mode of transport.

—Posted by David Gianatasio