Monkeys glad you are addicted to cigarettes

Clarity Coverdale Fury puts a memorably literal spin on the old monkey-on-your-back cliché in this Quit Plan anti-smoking spot. Sure, the baboon doesn't tear out that office drone's windpipe, but cigarettes do similar damage over time. It's actually handy having a back-seat chimp who helps you smoke and leaves your hands free for driving. That's an auto-safety option on par with OnStar—though if you locked yourself out of the car, the chimp would probably just grunt and speed off. The simians shouldn't be so smug. They're addicted to bananas—which, coincidentally, are the focus (sans monkeys, sadly) of the latest American Legacy anti-smoking ad. They can also be smoked, and can become quite a habit. Or so I hear.

—Posted by David Gianatasio