Mommy, why is everyone staring at me?

Bbhmb_1Your baby won’t know the difference, so go ahead and have some fun. 

That’s the logic behind one of the weirdest product categories we’ve come across in a while: obscenity-laced babywear. It’s the holiday gift you’ll want to steer clear of—unless you’re adept at dodging frying pans hurled by your unamused husband or wife.

As reported in the New York Daily News, T-shirts with witticisms like “Bitch better have my bottle” and “Sir Craps-a-Lot” are selling like hot cakes at places like Lil’ Ricky’s NYC. And although some shoppers have been rolling their eyes and steering little Suzy’s stroller out the door, the store manager doesn’t understand why. “It’s not like babies can read,” she told the News.

If you must show people how hilarious you can be at your kid’s expense, go ahead and visit SikWorld’s Web site. For a milder dose of kiddy T-shirt humor, try BabyGags instead.

—Posted by Tim Nudd