Modernista! Letting Others Define Its Identity


We are what the digital media universe says we are. Why fight it? Which brings us to Modernista!’s new Web site, which isn’t a site in the classic sense, but a search-engine redirect—you Google them, and the top link takes you back to Google, but with a small red navigation bar in the corner. The bar leads to shop-related articles and information from Wikipedia, Facebook, Google News and Flickr, among other sites. Angela and Brian are suitably impressed, and I wholeheartedly agree. It’s a big, audacious idea—as honest and unfiltered as an ad agency is ever likely to be. As long as the execs at the Boston boutique don’t have any Emperors Club memberships, they’ll be fine. And if Google does catch any peccadilloes, well, just cue up the Flash intro and paste in the boilerplate! UPDATE: To be clear, it works outside of Google, too. If you click on this link to, for example, it brings you back to AdFreak, with the nav bar up top. UPDATE 2: The agency’s Wikipedia page was pulled offline today, apparently for violating the site’s policy in some way. I say: Even more brilliant! It generates more coverage! Then again, I say a lot of things people don’t pay attention to.