Mitt Romney is asking for it with CGM idea

Mitt Romney’s got a “create your own ad” contest. I’ll enter any media-related competition, here on AdFreak at least, but first I have to do a little research. So I Googled … and what do you know, many of the Romney hits also mention flailing Idaho Sen. Larry “Solicit a Cop in an Airport Toilet! Me? No Way!” Craig. It seems Craig endorsed Romney in an official campaign video before the senator began outpacing Michael Vick in the national headlines. What we’ve got here is bad timing on two counts. Given Craig’s role in the Romney campaign and the unfolding scandal, I imagine some of the “create your own” entries will be real knee-slappers (or perhaps toe-tappers). What’s worse, this whole consumer-generated media enterprise feels so 2006. The contest’s passé before it truly begins. Oh, here’s the Romney spot with Craig—for entertainment value, it can’t be topped.

—Posted by David Gianatasio