Mississippi sick and tired of all the insults

I have to hand it to Mississippi. Having been the butt of everyone’s jokes for God knows how long (and a nasty comment from Rep. Charles Rangel just last week), the “Quadruple-I” state is fighting back. In a new public-image effort, Ole Miss (though I guess that’s the university and not the state) is taking ownership of the jokes, while turning them on their heads. “Yes, we can read,” reads this ad. “Some of us can even write.” Pictured are several notable Mississipians, from William Faulkner to John Grisham. Another ad touting sports stars reads, “Yes, we wear shoes. A few of us even wear cleats.” The state has even made the ads wearable, with some of the best slogans thrown on T-shirts available for purchase through the online store. Alabama, Arkansas, watch out. You don’t have Mississippi to kick around anymore.

—Posted by Aaron Baar