Minnesota Man's Desperate 'Hire Me!' Billboard Actually Works

You win this round, Bennett Olson

Minnesota resident Bennett Olson isn't the first guy to put his big grinning face on a billboard in an effort to get a job, but so far he's the only success I've heard about. Olson was hired by a 3-D scanning company after someone there apparently saw the eight-second flash of his face, website address, and desperate plea for employment on an electronic billboard in downtown Minneapolis. (He paid $300 to have his ad rotate with others for 24 hours.) Olson said he received a few interviews and a lot of moral support, but chose his current employer "because they are a young, yet established company which will provide me with the opportunity to learn and grow my career." That is yuppie jive talk for "they're paying me better than everyone else." Good luck out there, Bennett. Try not to draw water from this well again when you think you deserve a raise.