Mildly interesting Dos Equis ad icon returns

Wow, Euro RSCG's "Most Interesting Man in the World" campaign for Dos Equis just got way more interesting! The new 30-second commercial posted below shows him ice fishing, when suddenly a buddy tears off our hero's head, dribbles it like a basketball and eats it! Another new ad, posted on the Dos Equis site, shows him swimming in a lake with lots of monkeys, who also tear off his head and eat it! Kidding, of course. That would inject fresh interest into the proceedings. Instead, we get variations on the same-old, same-old. (In fact, that second ad uses some of the exact same stock footage of Japanese snow monkeys as this GE spot, which has been airing for a month.) Is the Dos Equis work amusing? Yes. Clever? Sure. Iconic? I guess so, since everyone says it is. But at this stage of the campaign, is the stuff truly interesting? Nah, it's the usual tongue-in-cheek, faux-macho posturing with wink-wink, world-weary witticisms. And despite my desire for something absurd, sick and twisted, the not-so-interesting guy keeps his head the whole time.

—Posted by David Gianatasio