Michael Phelps lights up some Subway buzz

There's plenty of dopey drug-related wordplay on the Web today surrounding Michael Phelps' debut as a Subway pitchman. I'd rather not add to that and bring anybody down. Sure, I could ask what the creatives at ad shop MMB were smoking when they decided to pair swimmer and power-eater Phelps with slimmer everyman Jared Fogle. I could note that the split-screen opening and choice of Sly and the Family Stone on the soundtrack are overtly wink-wink trippy — but, hey, it's Subway's prerogative to roll its own commercial as it sees fit.  If I did point out that Phelps seems to prefer his jalapeños piled high and bun toasted, I'd be doing so in a purely blunt descriptive fashion. Then there's the fact that the spot drives viewers to SubwayFreshBuzz.com. And even if some chose to make less than literal interpretations of such observations, it would only fan the sweet rising flames and further stir Subway's promotional pot.

Posted by David Gianatasio