Mexican toy ad begging for an NC-17 rating

Warning: lots of violence, some nudity and various other NSFW stuff.

With its copious blood, guts, nudity and sex, this fake movie trailer by Y&R Mexico City and director Carl W. Jones is one of the craziest ads you’re likely to see. It’s certainly one of the craziest toy ads you’ll see. It tells the story of a Japanese woman living in Mexico who falls in love with an Alimaña Spore toy (the item being promoted here), which she finds one day in the garbage. Her friends laugh at her choice of diminutive, non-human mate, so she murders them one by one, forcing one of them to eat his own intestines. On his YouTube page, the director says the ad has “some of the most shocking and bizarre death sequences ever filmed, and features truly unforgettable imagery, clinically dazzling direction.” Unclear if it will sell toys, however. Via Animal, though Adland wrote it about it, too. UPDATE: This spot was not created by Y&R, nor is Alimaña a Y&R client. Creatives from the agency did it on the side as part of a film competition.

—Posted by Tim Nudd