Meow Mix Brings Back Famous Jingle You Never Knew Was Gone

16 years later, singing cats return

Cats rule the Internet. So, it seems odd that Meow Mix retired its famous advertising jingle in 1996, when the Web was just getting going. Singing cats meowing over and over? Seems like instant traffic gold. The Del Monte Foods brand certainly hopes so, as it's now bringing the jingle back, 16 years later, in ads from Draftfcb in San Francisco. Not that many people realize it ever left. In a recent survey of more than 1,000 cat owners across the U.S., nearly 21 percent of respondents said they believed they last heard the jungle between one and three months ago, and 81 percent thought they heard it within the last year. In addition, half said they remember most or all of the lyrics to the Meow Mix jingle (they're talking about the English subtitles, not the endless meow's), and 39 percent said they know the jingle better than all of their online passwords. The original campaign is legendary in the business—the work of Ron Travisano of the old Della Femina, Travisano & Partners.