Megan Fox and Mike Tyson Cloned for Crazy Brazilian Ad

Dozens of each implore you to speak English

Cloning either Megan Fox or Mike Tyson is surely a crime against science and/or humanity, but that's the premise of this silly yet amusing spot for a language school in Brazil. Two doofus dudes wash ashore on a dreamy paradise populated by multiple Megans. Alas, all the Megans want to do is talk—probably about their feelings or something—and the guys are cast back into the sea for not speaking English. Next, they land on the bleak, craggy shore of Mike Tyson Island, where the boneheaded antics of the many Mikes make me wonder if these ex-champs are clones or just irritatingly inbred. The crazed, Shatner-esqe performance of the Tyson who greets them is priceless. Those castaways must be thinking, "What an atoll." Ha ha! Tyson's punch-drunk antics transcend the spoken word. You don't need to understand a single thing he says to know the guy's as crazy as a shithouse rat.