Meat-child ad wows Wrath of Cannes judges

At Cannes, you win awards by surviving round after round of rigorous judging and proving your unparalleled skill in the persuasive arts. At Wrath of Cannes, you win by inserting a giant piece of steak into an elementary school photo. (Click the image to enlarge.) The anti-Cannes festival was held Thursday night in Brooklyn. The winning work, for Lea & Perrins steak sauce ("Every steak has potential"), was done by Alan Kwon, an associate art director at RTC Relationship Marketing in New York. There he is below, holding (and possibly sucking on) the Grand Coney trophy—a statue of a man with his head up his own ass. He also won a bike. UPDATE: We were misled. Kwon won because of this tearaway print ad for Crunch gyms. The steak ad is still groundbreaking.

—Posted by Tim Nudd