McKinney incarcerates producer for holiday

McKinney has dispatched broadcast producer Ben Eckerson to live inside an inflatable snowglobe at the agency’s offices. Creative. He’s trying to set some kind of world record—McKinney say they can’t find one, so he’s already a winner!—that David Blaine will inevitably top when he gets around to it. Ben’s not that committed, though. While he’s working and sleeping in the globe, he gets 51 minutes a day outside the bubble. (I have no idea how they came up with 51 minutes.) McKinney is using the stunt as fodder for its holiday card. You can visit the self-proclaimed “snowglobe boy” virtually, with views from three video cameras. Alas, the chat application lasted less than a day. “I hate to inform my fans that due to all the naughty language the chat was not serving its original purpose of spreading holiday cheer!” Eckerson writes on the stunt’s blog.

—Posted by Brian Morrissey