McDonald's Print Ad From Finland Confuses and Frightens

Commenters around the Web have generally branded this McDonald's print ad from Finland (see the full image below) as perplexing and/or grotesque—often boldly deploying the word "udderly" in a brilliant example of hilarious wordplay. Allow me to moove with the herd and join the bovine stampede. Perhaps the ad shows the POV of a cow looking through its legs to catch a glimpse of where McD's double-flavor milkshakes come from. I often assume a similar position to gain inspiration for my ad reviews. What can we make of such imagery? Do you see fingers? Teats? Penises? I once saw all three in a Rorschach blot and got put in observation. Look, the ad's from Finland, where the sun shines on average for 58 seconds a day, so let's just assume they're whacked. Any attempt at deeper interpretation would just be milking the point ad nauseum.