McDonald’s finds Nicky D’s hard to swallow

McDonald's has sent a "strongly worded letter" warning a Detroit restaurant that it's name, Nicky D's, is a bit too close to the trademarked Mickey D's. The bigger and more absurd issue: the N in the Nicky D's logo looks just like the Golden Arches with a piece missing. When a local reporter pointed this out to Nicky D's owner Zef Dedvukaj, he replied blankly, "Oh, does it? Didn't know, sorry." Dedvukaj adds that his place specializes in corned beef, not burgers, so what's the big deal? It all sounds like something out of an Eddie Murphy movie. Actually, there are plenty of Nicky D's around; it's the sign that'll get Dedvukaj sued. Maybe he should send a little message to his graphic designer, courtesy of the Corned Beef Burglar.

—Posted by Rebecca Cullers