McDonald’s gets high on fruits and walnuts

Even stranger than McDonald’s introducing a Fruit & Walnut Salad are the ads touting it. Eating fruit because it tastes good and is good for you isn’t enough, apparently. These ads say it gives you a “fruit buzz.” “You know that ‘I can wear my skinny jeans’ feeling? It’s kinda like that,” copy on one reads. “A ‘Fruit Buzz’ is a change in attitude and an overall happy feeling you get after tasting the new Fruit & Walnut Premium Salad,” the press release explains earnestly. Yeah, we get that happy feeling, too—by avoiding McDonald’s altogether. Dave Letterman poked fun at the ads on Tuesday night, saying McDonald’s is also coming out with a deep-fried Fruit & Walnut Salad and a Sausage and Egg Fruit & Walnut Salad. Yum!

—Posted by Mae Anderson