Maytag on the hunt for its next repairman

Maytag Amateur singers across America dream of being the next American Idol. Now, actors have their own competition, as Whirlpool is holding auditions to find the next Maytag repairman. “Whether he’s a professional actor, a non-professional actor, a real-life appliance repairman who has always dreamed of acting or is someone who has an undiscovered acting talent, the new Maytag Repairman will be energetic, young at heart and outgoing,” says Whirlpool’s Jeff Davidoff. “You can expect the character to have a more relevant look and contemporary feel.” Much as each American Idol does—as does Miss America, for that matter— the Maytag repairman makes more than 150 publicity and advertising appearances in any given year. Plus, you’ll be following in the footsteps of Jesse White (who played the role from 1967-88), Gordon Jump (1988-2003) and Hardy Rawls (2003-present). Auditions will be held in New York, Chicago and L.A. in February. And Simon won’t be there to stomp all over your dreams.

—Posted by Tim Nudd