Matt Damon Joins George Clooney in Nespresso Campaign, but It’s No Oscar Winner

Nice paycheck, though

The New York Post reports that Matt Damon received $3 million for 20 seconds of work in a global Nespresso campaign made by McCann Europe. (When they hand him millions just to smile in an ad, then I'll be impressed.)

Damon's actually on screen for more than 20 seconds, appearing in a trio of spots, including two with his Monuments Men co-star and fellow Oscar winner George Clooney, a regular in dopey overseas commercials. None of these Nespresso ads makes much sense. What's worse, even with the mega-star wattage, they're smug and completely dismissible. In one spot, a woman screams "George Clooney's inside!" to make other women stampede after the actor so she can enjoy her coffee alone.

Later, in a bizarre bit of bro humor between aging Hollywood hunks, Cloons pulls the same trick on Matt, but the Damonater escapes by somehow making the star-stuck women move in slow motion. Damon also expresses his affection for the Nespresso mobile app for no particular reason.

After watching these antics, I feel like I've bourne a grave injustice.