Matt Damon Gets Flushed for World Toilet Day spots will make you feel crappy

This year has certainly had its share of shit-related nonprofit advertising. We had MTV's "Give a Shit" campaign, and now is launching a "Talk Shit" effort starring Matt Damon (the group's co-founder) for World Toilet Day, which is this coming Saturday. Damon asks us to give a crap about people who lack adequate sanitation. He talks shit about mobile phones, inventions and diarrhea. And the site encourages you to use the #talkshit hashtag on social media all this week. In a long interview piece filmed earlier this year (posted after the jump), you also learn that Damon, unlike some celebrity nonprofit pimps, has actually traveled around to witness the effects of poor sanitation. Maybe that's why he doesn't even try to entertain us with these ads. I'll admit, I was lured by the notion of seeing Matt Damon mildly curse. But it's hard to enjoy that when he's so serious about this whole charity thing. He may be talking shit, but it just made me feel shitty.