The Matrix reconstituted

This is a not-very-good picture of two of the 25 or so Agent Smiths from The Matrix that descended upon the Grand Central Station subway station on Friday morning in the latest example of what could be called infiltration media. The sight of so many of them was jitter-inducing, which is one reason it’s so shaky. The other is that in mid picture-taking, it occurred to us that taking pictures in a subway station can get you arrested these days. (It’s an anti-terrorism thing.) But impersonating a fictitious creepy Secret Service-like agent in the subway system is just fine, so there they were, standing five or six abreast, handling out little black “scratch and win” cards to promote the airing of The Matrix Trilogy for three days on Cinemax last week. The Smiths had also appeared in Times Square and the "Today” show and were about to descend on Philadelphia, according to one Smith who seemed more intent on fiddling with his earpiece than handing out cards.