Martin Agency Staffer Gets Marriage Proposal via Banner Ads

Lovely, but did she click on them?

Headshot of Tim Nudd

If you're a nerdy advertising person, there are loads of romantic ways to ask your girlfriend to marry you. You can send her an infographic. You can crowdsource the proposal so it becomes a Photoshop meme. But for the more traditional-minded person, these options might seem gauche. What's wrong with a couple of nice banner ads? That seems to have been ad salesman Scott Sklar's thinking. Late last month, Sklar popped the question to his girlfriend, Erica Plotkin, a digital associate media director at The Martin Agency's New York office, on banner ads at Plotkin was told by her team that something was wrong with her client's ads on the site—and when she loaded the page, she saw Sklar's ads. He then walked into her office in a tux, bringing with him roses and two violinists, the old softie. She said yes. But you know, she probably still didn't click on the ads. Via Adages. UPDATE: Plotkin tells us in the comments: "I did click on them! (After the proposal and excitement died down) they clicked through to :)" Also, this really is old-school. A guy at Deep Focus did the same thing (though we'd forgotten about it) in 2009.

@nudd Tim Nudd is a former creative editor of Adweek.