Marshalls ads not helping the holiday mood

GSD&M Idea City's tagline for Marshalls is, "It pays to be shamelessly shopportunistic." Not only does the agency despise the English language, but it apparently hates reindeer. This spot shows the beasts (who've escaped from a holiday display with a low fence) wandering in snarled traffic, perhaps soon to be flattened by a Hummer—most likely en route to the nearest Marshalls, where "shopportunities" await. Who cares about the confused-looking animals when some boutique owner has to cancel his delayed shipment of activewear, thus allowing Marshalls to grab it at "an insanely low price" and sell the garments cheaply to the masses? I almost expected that guy from the old Crazy Eddie spots to show up screaming, "Marshalls' prices are IN-SANE!" Adweek's Mark Dolliver says the Marshalls spot contains "too much sadness" to evoke a semblance of holiday spirit. Even in light of the recession, I think this is the most soul-less and vacant yuletide pitch I've seen so far this season. "Shopportunities" are for "shopaholics." Such people are unwell. Just like this ad.

—Posted by David Gianatasio

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