Mark Zuckerberg finds a new best friend

From: Mark Zuckerberg
To: Sarah Lacy
Re: Mission accomplished!
  Hey, thanks for playing ball at the South by Southwest Interactive conference. Our plan to make me come off as a sympathetic, thoughtful and insightful human being not obsessed with my own stature, or with data-mining Facebook profiles to maximize ad profits, worked like a charm! (Owen Van Natta said it couldn’t be done. Well, where is he now?) Those influential “pokes” I promised are on the way, along with some caps and T-shirts I had lying around. (C’mon, you know you were in the market for some; I checked your profile.) Anyway, the rehabilitation of my image is well under way. There’s only one journalist who can trip me up now: Brian Morrissey. Check out his Twitter feed. That guy’s relentless. (Though a few cases of arch supports and sweatbands should win him over in no time.)

—Posted by David Gianatasio