Mark Sanford Is Latest Victim of an AshleyMadison Billboard Attack

Ex-South Carolina governor gets punked doesn't get political unless there's a sex scandal to exploit, so of course they jumped all over Mark Sanford. Wait, that came out wrong. The extramarital dating website is endorsing Sanford, the former governor now running for Congress, with a billboard in his home state of South Carolina that says "Next time use to find your 'running mate.' " That's a reference to his "Appalachian Trail" excuse for why he went missing that time for six days. I don't see how AshleyMadison would have helped him since a) his other woman lived on another continent and he still got caught, and b) Sanford is kind of an idiot. But AshleyMadison's job is sleaze, not logic. Not to be outdone, Larry Flynt has also endorsed Sanford, hailing him as "America's great sex pioneer."