This Man’s Insane, Towering Cheese Sculpture Is a Giant Monument to Chutney

A nod to Close Encounters of the Third Kind

This commercial takes the concept of artisanal cheese to a whole new level—and it's not even trying to sell cheese.

In an amusing 30-second spot for Branston Chutney, Mcgarrybowen channels a classic scene from Steven Spielberg's Close Encounters of the Third Kind. But instead of Richard Dreyfuss shaping an alien-inspired, mashed-potato sculpture, it's some guy who's not Richard Dreyfuss topping off his own intricately-carved fromage masterpiece, with a cracker and schmear of chutney.

Three new Branston flavors: Mediterranean Tomato, Caramelized Onion and Orchard Fruit, apparently served as muses to the spot's hero. (Extraterrestrials, as far as we know, didn't enter into the equation.)

"Whatever you make, make it special," the voiceover says. The ad, titled "Chutney Mountain," certainly embodies that spirit, in a slightly unhinged kind of way. It's not as sweet as Branston's "The Apologist" from a few years back, but some viewers might find it less sappy and possibly more memorable. Of course, there's also the likelihood that everyone who watches it will just end up craving cheese over chutney.


Brand: Branston Chutney

Agency: Mcgarrybowen

Client: Mizkan Europe

Campaign Managers: Lorna Kimberley, Victoria Adams

Executive Creative Directors: Paul Jordan, Angus Macadam

Creative Team: Will Grave, Yury Vorobev

Planning: Kevin Chesters, Nicole Kirkland, Rhonwen Lally

Business Director: Robbie Black

Account Director: Susan Lawlor

Account Manager: Nicole Avery

Producers: Abbi Tarrant, Charlotte Stirrup

Production Company: Rogue

Director: Sam Brown

Producer: Kate Hitchings

Postpproduction: The Mill

Audio: GCRS

Media Planning: UM London

Food Stylist: Clare Ferguson

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