Make That Idiotic Talking Animal Pay With Super Bowl Commercial Bingo

Red Tettemer's new game

That guy who doubles over in pain after getting hit in the junk by a flying object in that Super Bowl commercial—what has he done for you lately? Sure, he makes you laugh. But wouldn't it be better if he gave you a 32-inch flat-screen TV? This year, thanks to Red Tettemer + Partners's new Super Bowl bingo cards, he just might. The Philadelphia agency has created a bunch of different bingo cards, with each square of each card dedicated to something you might see in a Super Bowl commercial. The columns are divided up by quarter (along with the halftime show). If you can connect five squares in a straight line, either vertically, horizontally or diagonally, you've got bingo. Just email a photo of your card to for a chance at the TV. The agency will be posting more cards to its Facebook page throughout the weekend. Download as many as you want. And keep an eye out for that baby astronaut. It could be worth something this year.