Mad Dogs spin-off for sale on eBay!

With Mad Dogs & Englishmen on the brink of closing, the spin-off venture known as Mad Injection seems to be up for sale—on eBay. The posting reads, in part: “Don’t your clients deserve the best? Don’t your new business people deserve to have excitement as part of their pitch? Don’t you deserve to start having fun at work again? Well it can all be a reality—for the right price, baby.” If that’s not enough incentive, they’re also offering “a few nice computers, a stack of unmarked pads and 3 new black markers.” Wow. The “Buy It Now” price is a mere $10 million. (There’s also what eBay calls a “hidden reserve price” in effect, but don’t let that scare you off.) It’s a 10-day listing, starting today. So if you want Mikal Reich and friends working for you, get cracking!

—Posted by Tim Nudd