Luvs 'Poop, There It Is!' Voted Worst Ad in America for 2011

Pair of AT&T spots among runners-up

Consumerist readers have spoken, and they have decreed the infamous Luvs "Poop, There It Is" animated commercial, featuring a competitive crapping contest for babies set to the musical stylings of Tag Team, to be year's worst American ad of 2011. Of course, it depends on what you mean by worst. As our own David Griner pointed out back in January, the Luvs spot is at least memorable and is also "a nice break from the usual talking-baby sort of nonsense we get from diaper ads." Still, there's no denying its revolting premise. Meanwhile, AT&T placed not one but two spots in the final worst five—the spot where the wife berates the husband for getting an unlimited plan; and the spot where the guy whacks the phone with the realistic-looking image of the spider on it. Summer's Eve and a Geico spot rounded out the worst five. See the whole Worst Ad in America 2011 package here.