Lufthansa Offers a Life in Berlin to First Swede to Legally Change His or Her Name to Klaus-Heidi

Any takers?

Interested in being ein Berliner?

German airline Lufthansa is running a contest in Sweden, dreamed up by the pranksters at DDB Stockholm, that features an impressive grand prize—a free trip, a free apartment in Berlin, a bike and "everything else you need to start a whole new life." All you have to do? Change your name, legally, to Klaus-Heidi.

Clearly that name would suit either man or woman, so that's the first hurdle out of the way. DDB tells us: "The first person to change their surname and upload a new legitimate passport or ID at the campaign site wins the whole shebang. So who wants to become a real Berliner? Who will he or she be? Who is Klaus-Heidi?"

For those not willing or able to take such drastic action, you can also change your name only on Facebook and get a discount on plane tickets to Germany.

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