Lubars prances about as an OfficeMax elf

The more Web sites the better. That’s the feeling this winter at OfficeMax, which has rolled out 20 separate holiday-themed sites built by Toy in New York. They include Mistletoe in an Elevator, Conspiracy Carols, Everything’s a Reindeer, Stuck to a Pole and Elf Yourself. The latter encourages you to upload a photo of yourself, which is then stuck on top of a dancing elf. For some reason, BBDO’s David Lubars (or someone having some fun at his expense) seems to be enjoying that site in particular. “Hey, I’m David Lubars!” he screeches. “Wanna know how to make it good? Don’t make it suck!” Words to live by. UPDATE: Now, per Adrants, Alex Bogusky is prancing around as an OfficeMax elf.