Looking for a quick and easy promotion?

BeagodThis sounds like a pretty good deal, particularly for ad people who may feel they have sold their souls and have little chance of salvation through the regular routes. RubyMae posted this particular photo on Flickr; I think the offer is actually real—although it does seem to be part of a documentary-film project called My God, in which a pair of filmmakers are setting out to create a new religion. Here’s their idea: “Right now, around the world, there are over 4 billion people who belong to one of the three major religions. And as different as these religions are from each other, they share one thing in common: once upon a time, a long time ago, they were all started from scratch. And we wondered whether maybe there wasn’t room for one more religion, that WE would start from scratch.” Let’s hope this trippy little project ends better than this one did.

—Posted by Tim Nudd