This Looked Better on Eva Longoria

Kfclogo2 Last time we wrote about this kind of marketing stunt, it involved Maxim and Eva Longoria, but times being what they are, this time it features Col. Sanders. What we’re talking about here is a KFC logo sculpted into the sand of Rachel, Nev., that’s so huge it can be seen from space (or eventually on Google Earth). As you may recall, last year KFC garnered a lot of press for what was actually a really boring commercial that contained a secret code that you could read if you slowed it down. Turns out the massive Col. Sanders logo also contains a secret message that, just like last year, entitles the decoder to a stunning $1 value, a KFC Snacker sandwich. Unlike last year, in which we decoded the message for you, this time you’ll have to figure it out yourself. We’re too damned busy.