‘Little Nicky’: movie or chicken-fomercial?

I caught a late night showing of Little Nicky over New Year’s and realized, as I’ve done with most of Adam Sandler’s early efforts, that it wasn’t really a movie. But unlike stuff like Billy Madison, the general execution wasn’t an issue. Rather, Little Nicky isn’t a movie because it’s a two-hour commercial for Popeye’s Chicken. That doesn’t sit right with me, and not just because Popeye’s Chicken gives me toxic indigestion. It just doesn’t scream “evil” the way something associated with Hell should. It screams “our company managed to outbid Bojangles and Waffle House for product placement,” but that’s not quite the same thing (although in the latter case, it’s damn close). Perhaps Sandler should have checked with this guy before setting the menu for his hackneyed foray into the netherworld. Or, you know, just skipped the whole thing altogether.

—Posted by David Kiefaber

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