Limbaugh shooter ad in Tucson taken down

In the wake of the Jan. 8 mass shooting in Tucson, Ariz., that left six people dead and 14 wounded, including Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, Clear Channel has taken down a KNST NewsTalk 790 billboard in Tucson advertising Rush Limbaugh's radio show. The ad, which debuted a few weeks ago, used a bullet-hole motif and the headline "Rush Limbaugh. Straight shooter." Clear Channel, which owns the radio station and manages the outdoor space, said it believed "discussion of [the ad's] interpretation would not contribute to the desire for healing in the Tucson community." You think? The continued airing of Limbaugh's prattle won't help, either. On Tuesday's show, Rush, apparently trying to deflect flak aimed at himself and other tough-talkin' right-wingers, opined that the alleged shooter "has the full support of a major political party in this country. … The Democrat Party is attempting to find anybody but him to blame." Hmm, "straight shooters" are those who tell it like it is, frankly and honestly, without partisan agendas, coercive rhetoric and the like. Doesn't sound like Rush at all. Perhaps the billboard was removed simply for false advertising.