Limbaugh applies to be übersexual

Rush1How did we miss this? How come we didn’t notice until now that in yesterday’s New York Post, Rush Limbaugh applied for a gig as an übersexual? (An übersexual, as you might recall, is a “more masculine male” than his ancestor, the metrosexual.) Anyway, apparently the conservative talk show host told his listeners that because the übersexual represents a return to "what men used to be before feminists came along and neutered them" he deserved to be on the list—which was created by JWT’s Marian Salzman in the new book “The Future of Men.” That would put him in the company of a lot of liberals and suspected liberals who are already on the list including Bill Clinton, George Clooney, Barack Obama and Jon Stewart. JWT’s Bob Jeffrey wasn’t so convinced Limbaugh qualified, and told the Post he’d offer up the agency’s rebranding services to Limbaugh, free of charge.

—Posted by Catharine P. Taylor