Life Is Sweet for Man Eating Sugar Packets in PSA

NYC anti-obesity spot picked up nationally

We all know New York City is very concerned about our diet, but now the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have picked up one of the city's anti-junk-food ads for national distribution. The ad in question, which cautions against drinking non-diet soda, shows a man chugging sugar packets at a diner counter to illustrate what people do to themselves all the time with stuff like Coke and Pepsi. Silly, yes, but it's not as gross or histrionic as previous NYC health ads. Some people I know compare ads like this to the "shaming" that smokers have to endure (yeah, boo hoo). But I think it's more that New York is crawling with impurities and this is the only one they have any measure of control over. Besides the ones they're covering up, I mean.

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