Life flushed down toilet in latest meth PSAs

The latest spots from Venables, Bell & Partners for the Montana Meth Project, directed by Wally Pfister, are high-impact and emotionally charged, much like the effects of the drug they seek to combat. See four commercials here. Their power derives from a balance of grim frenzy and quiet, shattering realization. The lost innocence of a high-school football game contrasted with a grimy sink where a cheerleader eventually tore out her eyebrows is especially effective. Some of the scarier revelations—one teen is raped by a dealer, while another user sells her body and prematurely gives birth to a daughter—would be overkill if not for the sudden calm that follows. The addicts' friends, who've supplied the narration, close the spots by revealing that they'd said nothing when their friends said they planned to try meth. Their voices trail off as the gravity of what they didn't say sinks in.

—Posted by David Gianatasio

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