Lenovo’s Short Film for the IdeaPad Yoga Is a Downward-Facing Dog

Spy caper fails to thrill

Call me Dr. No, because I'm dissing this James Bond-style short from Saatchi & Saatchi in New York touting Lenovo's IdeaPad Yoga, a "bendable" laptop/tablet hybrid that can be configured in various ways. Shot in Hungary by two-time Bond director Martin Campbell, "The Pursuit" follows a sexy female spy on a mission as she breathlessly runs, jumps, pivots, twirls, jet-skis, changes clothes, walks briskly, etc. It's an extended quick-cut chase, appropriately cinematic, but as tiresome and uninvolving as any big-budget, cookie-cutter action feature film made in the past 15 years. "The Pursuit" feels twice as long as its running time—that would make it 007 minutes—and I was anticipating some kind of clever twist or tongue-in-cheek payoff. But the clip fails to deliver. The narrative tries hard to toss in product attributes, with shots of the Yoga assuming various positions and colorful screen images, but these still don't tell you if it can help you bake cupcakes.

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