Kraft to Kids: Stop Wasting Those Noodles on Macaroni Art!

'Dinner, Not Art' is charitable alternative

Every day, thousands of boxes of Kraft Macaroni & Cheeese are wasted in the name of children's pointless macaroni art. No longer! "Dinner, Not Art," a new tongue-in-cheek campaign from Crispin Porter + Bogusky, seeks to save the real noodles by encouraging virtual macaroni art projects with a free iPad app. You can choose a canvas, cover it in noodles and manipulate them to create a macaroni masterpiece. There's a charity element, too. For every digital noodle used in the app, Kraft will donate 10 real noodles to Feeding America, up to 110 million noodles. (Not quite sure how many boxes that is—probably a lot.) You can also "glue down" your art and save it to a digital refrigerator. The truly stunning noodle creations will be posted on Kraft's Macaroni Masterpiece Gallery on its Facebook and Pinterest pages.