That kooky, krazy Kevin Kringle

Kringle_2As a holiday-themed public service, AdFreak will now clear up the mystery behind Kevin Kringle, who has bought banners on several sites around the Net as though he were some wealthy entrepreneur who didn’t know what to do with his money.

The truth is he’s a creation of Best Buy. A ne’er do well. A challenged holiday gift giver (one year he gave his boss, Anthony Steven Sylvester, monogrammed handkerchiefs). Oh, and he’s the brother of Kris Kringle.

His brother bounds down chimneys. Kevin, on the other hand, can allegedly burp the alphabet, though there’s no real proof of that other than a claim in his bio. He is also a fan of women’s wrestling and seems to be a beer-drinking, belly-scratching couch potato, but likeable in a Ray Romano sort of way.

The message appears to be that Kevin was “Holiday challenged. Until now”—thanks to Best Buy. For a taste of Kevin Kringle’s eggnog blog, visit his site here, designed by space150 in Minneapolis. It doesn’t really seem to be a blog, except for the fact that it rhymes with nog.

–Posted by Ann M. Mack