Kmart's 'Ship My Pants' Ad Climbs Toward 10 Million Views, Eyes TV Run

Draftfcb spot being shared at remarkable rate

It may not be the height of sophistication, but holy crap—Kmart’s “Ship My Pants” ad is having a great run, to say the least. After just five days on YouTube, the pun-heavy spot from Draftfcb—in which Kmart shoppers are strongly encouraged to “ship their pants”—is quickly heading toward 10 million views on YouTube (it has 7.8 million currently) and is being passed around by viewers at an astounding rate of one share for every nine views, according to the viral experts at Unruly Media. With more than 800,000 shares total, it’s already the second-most-shared ad of the past 30 days, eclipsed only by the “Bad Motherfucker” video from the Russian rock band Biting Elbows—which isn’t really an an ad at all but counts as marketing because it’s stuffed full of references to Neft vodka. Also, “Ship My Pants” seems destined to get a second big wave of publicity soon. Draftfcb—which is defending the Kmart creative business in a review that’s down to three agencies—says the spot is living online only for now, but a TV run is in the works.