Killer Vegas chinchillas still wreaking havoc

The killer chinchillas are back in this "Three Musketeers" spot, set in France, by R&R Partners for the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority. It's as absurdly entertaining as the critters' June debut in a south-of-the-border mini-epic that introduced the concept of "Chinchilli Day," a fake holiday used by office drones to take time off from work and hit the Vegas Strip. Once more, the furry-faced hell-raisers unleash comic mayhem on humankind, using swords this time instead of guns and explosives. The chinchillas have no real Vegas connection, and yet the rage-filled rodents have become, in my mind at least, inextricably linked with Sin City. They're the anti-ad icons, brand mascots trapped in a campaign they never made. If they were feted at Advertising Week, they'd blow up the Walk of Fame because, well, that's what they seem to do best. At the very least, they'd give Ronald McDonald fleas. Here's hoping.

—Posted by David Gianatasio

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