This Kid Had an Adorably Specific Wish to Be a UPS Driver, and the Company Delivered

Carson, 4, is the shipping service's biggest fan

Carson loves trucks and gets way more excited about UPS deliveries than most other 4-year-olds. So the company decided to go ahead and make him part of the team.

Carson befriended Mr. Ernie, his neighborhood's UPS driver, when he started delivering a special formulation of milk to Carson's door three times a week. 

As part of the shipping company's Your Wishes Delivered campaign, Carson wanted to be a UPS driver for the day. So UPS made him one, with his own truck, brown uniform, packages and even signature pad.

Ogilvy & Mather made the two-and-a-half minute spot, and it’s a big old pile of cute wrapped up in brown paper. Carson is simply adorable. When he sees the miniature UPS truck, which is obviously a modified Power Wheels vehicle, he slaps his cheeks with his hands like Macaulay Culkin and runs around in a circle shouting, “Oh my gosh!” Then, he packages up cookies and dog bones to deliver to his neighbors.

But the best part of all, is Carson’s ability to make Mr. Ernie, a 25-year UPS veteran, get all choked up. You might even get choked up, too.


Client: UPS

Agency: Ogilvy & Mather

Chief Creative Officer: Alfonso Marian

Group Creative Director: Eric Wegerbauer

Associate Creative Director: Mike Cicale

Senior Writer: Ingrid Hanson

Writer: Jenny Wagstaff

Senior Content Producer: Alicia Zuluaga

Project Management Director: Mae Flordeliza

Account Supervisor: Micardo Celicourt

Global Engagement Leader: Jethro Ferguson

Director: Theresa Winger

Production Co: Fiona

Editor: Kim Dubé/Lost Planet

Music: Pull

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