Kia’s Hamsters Return, Dance Up a Fur Storm

David&Goliath's latest spot is a bit soul-sucking

The return of Kia's giant hip-hop hamsters in this effects-driven spot by David&Goliath is a bitter pellet to swallow. It starts out OK with a video-game-style, sci-fi battle scenario. But it quickly deteriorates when a Kia Soul drives into the action and the unfunky furballs emerge, busting moves to LMFAO's "Party Rock Anthem." Why do the war-bots tap their metallic toes to the beat when they could end everyone's misery by zapping those rodent freaks? C'mon, they're chubby and dancing in place. Shoot! You can't miss! Oh, there's a shuffle dance video contest tie-in. (Anyone who enters should feel deeply ashamed.) The whole effort, while glossy, plays like an uninspired rehash of old themes. Even the tagline, "A new way to roll," isn't new. It's like the campaign's stuck on some kind of wheel, going round and round. 

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